Our realizations

Les Remorques Laroche offers a wide range of trailers that will suit most of our customers' needs, but we are also at your service should you need a fully custom-built trailer. From designing to building, Les Remorques Laroche will put all of its expertise at the service of your project whether you only have a rough idea of what you kind of trailer you want or you have complete precise requirements. In any way contact us so that we can help you get started with your lightweight or your heavy-duty industrial trailer project!

Here are a few of our most interesting custom-built realizations :


NO 1
23 500 lbs suspension
5'-high sides
Box for material at the front


NO 2
23 500 lbs suspension
Flat deck at the rear, well-suited for heavy machinery
Dumper at the front


NO 3
14 000 lbs suspension
5’-high sides
Doors on both sides


NO 4
15 700 lbs suspension
5’-high sides
Wood chipper at the front


NO 5
23 500 lbs suspension
Dumper at the rear
Flat deck for machinery at the front
Loading ramp for the flat deck


NO 6
21 000 lbs suspension
Perfect for a fork lift truck, with scaffolds and wall brackets supports at the front


NO 7
14 000 lb total Torflex suspension
Perfect for scissor lift
Space for buckets at the front